Serological Pipettes

Phenix Research Products Offers 3 Great Brands

Features of Standard One-Piece Serological Pipettes
  • Unique smooth one-piece construction eliminates hang-up
  • Standard 5, 10, and 25 mL pipettes are two inches shorter
  • Sterile packaging is one-side-paper/one-side-plastic
  • Accurate and rapid fluid dispensing
  • Color coded TD Rings
  • Universal stack design, which saves workspace
Features of Standard Two-Piece Serological Pipettes
  • Pipettes are a 2 piece design with rugged welded tip
  • Highly legible permanent graduations
  • Superior accuracy
  • Fiber-free paper and plastic packaging
  • Selection of tip styles for different viscosities
Features of Greiner Bio-One™ Pipettes
  • Sterile
  • High optical clarity
  • Maximum accuracy
  • Design of the pipette tip guarantees drop-free pipetting
  • Clear, easily legible graduation
  • A colored vertical stripe makes it considerably easier to read off the volume

Also make sure to check out our mini serological pipettes and our pipette filler products. Our pipette filler selection offers efficient electronic fillers. They are lightweight and have easily accessible battery compartments. Pipette fillers are intended for use with all plastic, glass, and pasteur pipettes.


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