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  • Amber Bottle


    For general use or providing protection of light sensitive products and samples, these amber bottles are constructed of soda-lime glass and have a space-saving square design. The ethylene-acrylate coating envelops the glass bottle like a protective skin providing better protection. Should the…

  • These bottles are designed for storage of solutions and are ideal for media preparation. The 9.5L (2.5 gallon) and 13.25L (3.5 gallon) sizes are in a conventional bottle shape. The 19L (5 gallon) and 45.5L (12 gallon) sizes are similar in design to a carboy. The 19L size is weight controlled to 15…

  • The aluminium bottle is particularly suited for storing, transport or sending substances and reference samples which have to be stored completely unaltered. Other properties: can be completely emptied without residues, odour-neutral, impervious to light, rustproof. Pure aluminium (material AL…

  • KIMAX Solution Bottles

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    Suitable for storage of distilled water and standard solutions Kimble 14950 Made from KG-33 glass Kimax bottle with sloping shoulders of the carboy-style. Neck is 2 1/4” i.d. and is tooled for a uniform fit with a #12 rubber stopper. The 5 gallon size is designed from Federal…

  • Suitable for solution and media storage Graduated in 500 mL increments, with accuracy ±5% 1729C95 has carboy form; all take No. 12 stopper

  • PTFE Bottles


    Isostatically molded in pure, FDA approved, PTFE. Heavy wall construction with super smooth internal finish. Screw cap housing for leak-free performance Suitable for low temperature applications. Hand grips for ease of manipulation Use up to 280°C (540°F). Totally…

  • These amber collapsible bottles are ideal for solutions that readily oxidize, or those that liberate gases. The bellows convolution of the walls allow the bottle volume to be adjusted to match the volume of contents and eliminate air space as liquid is drawn off or added. Collapsible,…

  • Large Safety-Coated Solution & Serum Bottle

    DWK Life Sciences (Wheaton)

    Safety coating reduces breakage Not autoclavable Bottle is coated with plastisol to reduce bottle breakage and chemical spills. When used under low, positive pressure it reduces the risk of failure. Bottle is manufactured from low extractable Wheaton borosilicate glass and are not autoclavable.

  • Solution bottles with serrated vacuum take-off. Bottles are coated to neck with plastic safety coating. This translucent coating forms a protective film around the glass that will help contain both flying particles and dangerous chemicals should the gl

  • KIMAX bottles conform to ASTM E438, Type 1, Class A glass.

  • Heavy wall bottle used in hybridization incubators or ovens with rotators. An alternative to plastic bags or boxes, the membrane is rolled and placed into the bottle which is secured in a rotisserie. The membrane is saturated and drained during each revolution, resulting in even exposure of the…

  • Borosil® Reagent Square Bottles are perfect for storing media, solvents, and other materials. Bottles comes with PP Screw cap (GL80). A colorless PP pouring ring aloows for drip free emptying, easy-to-read graduations and capacities, marking spots for labeling. Mechanically…

  • Solvent reservoir for use in HPLC mobile phase delivery. The 1000 mL size is a replacement for use with the Hewlett-Packard model HP-1090 HPLC (HP part number 9301-0656). Outer joint at the top on all sizes is polished, thereby making an excellent seal between the PTFE cap and the bottle. Optional…

  • Coated to neck with PVC safety coating to reduce potential breakage and exposure to laboratory personnel when handling hazardous material. Carboy style bottles with sloping shoulders. Necks are tooled for uniform fit with stoppers. Uses No. 12 stopper

  • Bottle Solution w / PTFE Stopper 2000ml Cs4

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    KIMAX bottles conform to ASTM E438, Type I, Class A glass. Bottle necks are ground to accept flathead color-coded PTFE stoppers. Replacement stoppers are 41941.

  • Glass bottle with large, 106mm (4.2") ID opening and GL120 thread. The 9.5 liter and 13.25 liter sizes are bottle shaped. The 19 liter and 45.5 liter sizes are similar in design to a carboy. 7622-155 PTFE cap with CAPFE o-ring is sold separately.

  • KimCote® plastic-coated bottle with sloping shoulders of the carboy-style. Neck is tooled for a uniform fit with a #12 rubber stopper. The 5 gallon size is designed from Federal Specification DD-B-597.

  • Corning 61596 Of borosilicate glass PVC-coated safety bottles are chemically and thermally resistant, have good optical clarity and are mechanically durable PVC coating helps contain glass and bottle contents if breakage occurs Can be autoclaved or microwaved to 121°C…

  • Solution Bottles

    Celltreat Scientific

    CELLTREAT Solution Bottles are ideal for storage of media, buffers, and other aqueous solutions. The bottles are manufactured from polystyrene, available in 150, 250, and 500 ml volumes, and are packaged in individual easy to open plastic bags. The Solution Bottles feature heavy wall construction,…

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