Phase Contrast Microscope With Camera

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Phase Contrast Microscope With Camera
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  • …this microscope ideally suited for field testing and the laboratory environment. Functioning in either Phase Contrast, Darkfield or Brightfield mode is as easy as a flip of your thumb. All of this combined with options of a binocular or trinocular head and a MiniVID WiFi enabled camera makes…

  • Upright Light Compound Microscopes

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

    …Light Compound Microscopes with Infinity Planachromatic Objectives (Models 1191D81 and 1191D82) Infinity planachromatic objectives deliver excellent clarity, flatness, true color reproduction, optimal contrast with Koehler illumination. Application Modules for Phase contrast, Fluorescence and…

  • Phase contrast and Brightfield capabilities Large stage surface improves specimen access Thomas Inverted Microscopes are ideal for live cell or tissue culture examinations in college, university, and clinical-laboratory settings.  The Thomas Inverted Microscope comes with both phase

  • … 0.5x Camera Adapter Specifically for ACCU-SCOPE Model 3012 Microscopes (Mfr. No. 12-2010-50) Industry standard c-mount fits most microscope cameras Ideal for cameras with 1/2" sensors or smaller Adjustable focus for parfocality Fits camera ports of the following microscope

  • …as well as negative phase contrast lenses. While a solid-state quintuple nosepiece is standard, an optional sextuple nosepiece is now also available. Imaging has also been improved through new CCD adapters, optimizing the use of all Motic Digital cameras with CMOS and CCD sensor targets.…

  • …comes standard with high quality PLAN objectives for exceptional image quality, Phase Contrast Objectives & Condenser, 35mm and 65mm culture dish holders, and a trinocular photo port allowing the user to capture images with the addition of a camera (not included with microscope). Features: …

  • …the microscope, allowing for maximum comfort. Illumination Available with a LED illuminator allowing for tremendous energy savings, the EXC-120 Series provides superb brightness. 0.50x Camera Adapter for EXC-120 Series Microscope (Mfr. No. 2005-5M) Ideal for cameras with

  • contrast objectives at an affordable price. Objectives are available in plan achromat and plan phase configurations. Illumination A super, bright white LED light provides over 15 years of illumination saving time, energy and the cost of replacement bulbs. 0.35x Camera Adapter with

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