Stainless Steel Tray

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Stainless Steel Tray
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  • Utility/Instrument Trays

    Polarware Company

    Trays - seamless design Easy to clean Stainless steel Sterilizable Covers sold separately

  • Stainless Steel Trays

    Sampling Systems

    The general purpose range of Stainless Trays from Sampling Systems are ideal for everything from mixing formulations to carrying waste. Range of sizes Crevice free design High quality design Durable

  • Made in U.S.A., NSF Certified Heavy-duty 20 gauge 300 series stainless steel Full and half size pans have reinforced corners for extra durability Anti-jamming design Flat edge and corners keep pans tight in well Made to fit Super Pan V® covers Covers sold separately …

  • Small Tray for FreeZone Tray Dryer (1177K19): Stainless Steel Tray to contain liquids or bulk items for freeze drying. Dimensions fit the FreeZone Tray Dryer perfectly, 10.3"w x 11.6"d x 0.9"h. Makes sample loading and unloading as well was cleaning easy when using the Tray Dryer. …

  • The best just got better. STRONG . 22 gauge 300 series stainless steel pans, with newly designed pour corners up to 300% stronger, will resist dents and dings in the toughest kitchen environments. SMART . Easy to pour corners and traditional body size make Super Pan V® pans…

  • Product Dimensions (l x w x h) : 2.048x1.386x0.433in Interior dimensions: 0.90" x 1.4" Made of stainless steel for easy removal of paraffin inclusions: they allow a precise location of the specimen into the paraffin.  

  • …into the ultrasonic cleaners need to be suspended. Suspension of parts can be done with any of the following accessories. The trays and baskets are made of stainless steel with holes ranging from 1/8" to 1/4" dia. Small parts can be placed into beakers via use of a beaker cover. The…

  • The Sampling Systems range of Stainless Steel trays are ideal for carrying tools and equipment. Range of sizes Crevice free design High quality polished finish 304 Stainless Steel construction

  • Super Pan V® Solid Cover

    Polarware Company

    Stainless steel Reinforced edges provide added strength to the perimeter of the cover Solid covers are NSF Certified

  • ASTM Testing Screen Trays

    Gilson Co. Inc.

    …Screen Trays for Gilson Testing Screen and Test-Master® are offered in sizes from 5in to No.400 (125.0mm to 38µm). Cloth material is stainless steel for No.5 (4.00mm) and finer, and plain steel for No.4 (4.75mm) and coarser. Clear Screen area is 14.75x22.75in (375x578mm). Screen Trays are…

  • Scienceware® Stak-A-Tray™ Rack

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    …x 14” trays, allows easy removal of the trays and facilitates movement of cultures from laboratory shelf to incubator or cold room and back Smooth stainless steel construction permits easy movement of dishes or parts without snagging or tipping over Perforations in trays allow flow…

  • …accessories screw directly into mounting point openings Two-tier braces allow stacking of platforms with a 10" clearance (available for select sizes*) Optional non-skid rubber mat can be placed on platform for an added non-slip surface Constructed of type 304 stainless steel *Two tier ready

  • …bath overheating and damage with low-fluid protection Easily operate and monitor with icon-based graphical display Protect your work with audible alarms Baths include stainless steel gable covers, diffuser tray, and rubber duck UL Listed and CE Marked US FDA Class I Medical Device

  • Super Pan Solid Cover

    Polarware Company

    Stainless steel Reinforced edges provide added strength to the perimeter of the cover Slotted covers are NSF certified

  • Tray Std Gg 1 3/4Qt

    Medegen Medical Products

    Stainless steel instrument trays have easy-to-clean rounded corners and a flat bottom for secure placement. Corrosion resistant stainless-steel Seamless with rounded corners Size: 10L x 6.5W x 2 in. H (26 x 17 x 5.2cm) NSA Approved (National Sanitation Foundation) …

  • The Autosampler sample pans are used to prepare sample materials for the Pyris 1 Autosampler, DSC 7 RS and DSC-4 RS. Pans are available in sealed or vented versions. These pans may also be used for non-robotic systems. Sealed. 1 bar maximum internal pressure. Require Covers (B0143003). Can be used…

  • Clavies® Biohazard Bag Holders

    Bel-Art - SP Scienceware

    The stainless steel wire frame and bottom is designed to securely support the bag and its contents. In addition, the polypropylene bottom also serves as a containment tray in the event of inadvertent bag leakage. Tray is safety orange in color for easy identification as a biohazard containment…

  • Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizing Tray

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Stainless Steel Instrument Sterilizing Tray A perforated tray that comes complete with a silicone mat and a unique locking feature.

  • Tech-Med Mayo Stand

    Dukal Corporation

    Secure height adjustments from 28" to 48". Mobile base includes locking casters. Base width 20". Removable stainless steel tray 12 1/2" x 18". 11 lb weight capacity.

  • FreeZone Bulk Tray Dryers are designed for lyophilizing moderate to large bulk sample loads. They offer options for a built-in 6-port manifold and isolation valve. The Bulk Tray Dryers feature a brushed stainless steel and glacier white, powder-coated steel exterior with blue accents, integral…

  • Shelf Spacers for FreeZone Stoppering Tray Dryer. Stainless steel shelf spacers assist stoppering of partial loads of small vials or bottles when placed on empty shelves

  • Every stage of the cycle, including water-fill, heating, sterilization, exhaust and drying, are microprocessor-controlled and completely automatic with these electronic models. The digital display continuously shows you temperature, pressure and running time. Four fully adjustable, single-button…

  • Slide Tray Racks & Aluminum Slide Trays

    Electron Microscopy Sciences

    Stainless Steel slide tray racks that accept aluminum slide trays. The rack alows air to circulate over the slides and both sizes of racks hold up to 100 slides. The aluminum slide trays have elevated ridges to separate 76 x 26mm slides and finger holes for easy removal. Ideal for drying fresh…

  • O-ring Kit for Large Stainless Steel Pans, Set of 20

  • …product transfer. Built-in pneumatic mechanism stoppers containers on all three shelves. The Stoppering Tray Dryers feature a brushed stainless steel and glacier white, powder-coated steel exterior, integral support stand and side-mounted power switch. They include three 16.5" x 12"…

  • Quick and easy to count round tablets Suitable for all sizes of round tablets 316L Stainless Steel Satin finish Can be used by both left and right handed operator Etched with a guide to show the number of tablets in the tray

  • Stainless steel tray has separate bottom that  slides out, allowing serum bottles and ampules direct contact with shelf to facilitate drying process.

  • Accessories for Linear Shaking Water Baths include: Replacement Polycarbonate lids, blue Stainless steel sloping lid Universal trays – with springs Plain trays Test tube trays and racks Base trays

  • … Ideal for slow speed applications; Petri dishes, culture flasks, and other flat bottom, low profile vessels Two-tier braces (available for both sizes) allow stacking of platforms with a 10" clearance Constructed of type 304 stainless steel Platform has a non-skid rubber surface

  • Pans contain the sample in a sealed environment throughout an experiment. The sealing suppresses the vaporization of a solvent or contains a volatile reaction product, thereby eliminating the interfering effects of the heat of vaporization.

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